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The SL House & Garden Group 1st Annual Awards 2010/2011


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Second Life furniture, garden, home and decor is a dynamic and ever growing industry that I am truly entusiastic and passionate about.  I was motivated to create a group named SL House & Garden. My ambition was for this group to be used as a resource tool for anyone who has a vested interest in this awesome industry. 

The SL House & Garden Group has grown way beyond my expectations and we have had a fantastic 6 months since I started it. So we thought it was about time to host an awards for the amazing creators, bloggers and photographers in the group. So we would like to honor the best in Second Life based upon the group members experiences and thoughts. 

Simply answer as many of the questions below as you can/want and please send the notecard back but  please make sure you have the notecard titled  "SL House & Garden 2010 Awards - Your Name". 

Please this awards is all about Homes. garden and decor so only!!

Please return to either Jennaa Loire or mainit Hellman no mater than the 20TH OF NOVEMBER:  After this time we will count them up and the top three from each category will then be announced and group members will get the opportunity to vote for their favorite on an online survey. This will start from the 22nd Of November and the winners will be announced on the 5th of December!!

Winners will receive a fantastic trophy made by Ryker Beck and I will publish all winners on the SL House & Garden Blog. 



Your Full please SL Name:

1. Your Favorite Store Of 2010 

2.  Best Freebie/Gift of 2010

3.  Best Home/Decor Blogger of 2010

4.  Best Home/Decor flickr Photo of 2010

5. Best New & Upcoming Creator of 2010

6. Best Established Creator of  2010. 

7. Best Home/Decor Magazine/Segment For 2010 

8. Best Texture Creator Of 2010

10. Best Garden Items For 2010.

11. Best Outdoor Furniture For 2010.

12. Your Favorite Shop To Visit ( best decorated ) Of 2010. 

13. Shop That  You Most Recommended To Friends In 2010.

14, Best House Of 2010

15. Best Natural/Organic Home & Decor Shop of 2010.

16. Best Modern Home & Decor Shop Of 2010.

17. Best Shabby Chic/ Alternative Home & Decor Shop Of 2010.

18. Best Beach/Coastal Home & Decor Shop Of 2010.

19. Best Place To Shop For Accessories for your home. 

20. Best Skybox Of 2010

21. Best Furniture Animations Of 2010. 

22. What Was Your Must Have Item For 2010. 

23. Best Home & Garden Event/Hunt Of 2010.

Thanks so much 
Jennaa Loire.

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Best of luck to all, keep up the good work.

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