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SL House & Garden - New Group Official SL House & Garden Group Blog: A group for the latest releases, updates, sale notifications and great gifts from your favorite Home and Garden designers in SL. Meet fellow home, decor and garden enthusiasts and discover amazing bloggers who can show you how to style your perfect SL home.

Fabulous Fashion with Angie Mornington - Home Decor Spotlight!


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Check it out!

Home & Decor On Fabulous Fashion With Angie Mornington


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I have some genuinely exciting news to share with you all...

I am thrilled to announce that I have been given the opportunity to showcase talented home/decor/garden creators on Fabulous Fashion on the 26th of July 2010. This is the first time ever that the genre of home fashion and decor has been showcased on the program and  I honestly could'nt be happier. It's about time this area of fashion was given this type of exposure! 

Fabulous Fashion with Angie Mornington on Treet TV

When: Monday, July 26th at 6pm SLT (PST)

Or you can watch it live here: Watch it live online: http://treet.tv/live

You can also check out the Fabulous Fashion Site: http://fabulousfashiontv.com/

****Designer Spotlight: Rob1977 Moonites of *FIR* & *MNA* ****

Finally, a show for the men!!  Irish Designer, Rob1977 Moonites, describes his line of menswear as  a bit of a mix of casual, preppy and semi-formal attire.  One thing is for sure, this is a store where men like to shop.  

In fact, not only do men love his clothes, so do the ladies, so much so, he soon found himself also designing for women!  BUT,  this weeks show is all about the man in your life.  

**** Fabulous Fashion Accessories Spotlight: Jennaa Loire****

Jennaa Loire is back and we couldn't be more excited.  This times she is speaking with us about fashions for your home.  

Jennaa is a blogger/writer with a passion.  She models and is MV♛  MISS AUSTRALIA 2011.  She is the creator behind SL House and Garden Group and you will not want to miss what she has pulled together for us this week.  Not 4 designers - 8!!!!

Make sure you don't miss it!

SL House & Garden Photo Contest Results - Congratulations!!!


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This months theme was"Go Crazy With Color". Your colorful imagination was your only limitation. The items could have been from anywhere, any theme, any style. There were some amazing photos and it was a really close result. I might have to get someone else to judge next month, but I had to pick 3 winners and here are the results. I also included 3 honorable mentions because honestly I really found it that hard to pick LOL.  Without further ado here are the winners!

1st Place Goes To: Ona Stenvaag
You can check it out here - *click here*

2nd place Goes To: Wagal (Samantha Hellmann)
You can check it out here: *click here*

3rd Place Goes to Nina Becker:
You can check it out here: *click here*

I found it so hard to pick I have also included 3 honorable mentions, each winning L$1000 these  are.

1st Honorable Mention goes to Stacie Pryor
You can check it out here: *click here*

2nd Honorable Mention goes to Shayne Karillion
You can check it out here: *click here*

3rd Honorable Mention goes to Sevenstar Amat
You can check it out here: *click here*

Congratulations to everyone and I personally want to thank everyone who entered. I will be announcing a new contest in the next week with a new theme. I'll try to make it easier this month. Thanks again everyone you are all amazing!

Jennaa Loire.

Currently Showing At The Centre - Display Room 5


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Display Room 5: << UrbanizeD >>

SL House & Garden Centre is very fortunate to have in display room number 5 pitsch Parx from Urbanized. 

Head on over to the SL House & Garden Centre to get a taste for pitsch's ever so amazing creations.

You can also head on over to pitsch's incredible Glamping Garden Showroom here *TAXI* to check out a wide range of his gorgeous creations, or you can look him up and check out his many store locations in his picks. 

pitsch has been so wonderful and generous in providing an exclusive item for his time at the SL House & Garden Centre. These limited edition Fairy Flowers // Blueberry Hill are a beautiful set of 8 -  1prim meadows containing 8 designs & flowers ( 2 of each ). These are only available at the SL House & Garden Centre for L$1. So make sure you grab them before the next designer comes into the display room. Thanks so much pitsch.

Come check it out and grab your exclusive item from Urbanized at the SL House & Garden Centre. *TAXI*

Welcome To The SL House & Garden Centre


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I created this special location for group members and other guests as a place to come and relax, blog, build their creations, build sets and to generally be a helpful tool for bloggers.

There is a warm and inviting cafe where you are welcome to socialise with other enthusiasts or simply enjoy some 'down time'. A resource room which is the perfect spot to sit down and relax while you blog.  There is also ample space for you to build your sets either for your blogs or if you are constructing but run out of room.

Please treat this place as you would your home... please please be respectful of other visitors and clean up after yourself. I will clean the land every 48 hours just to make sure there is room for the next bunch of  visitors. There is over 1100 prims to play with and you can also edit terrain, but please try and put it back as best you can.  

You will need to wear your group tag to build, other than that, the land is open to everyone. So if you want to build you are going to have to join the group. There is a group joiner at the landing point.

(Cafe at the SL Home & Garden Centre)

(Builders and bloggers are more than welcome :)


Designers are often faced with the challenge of marketing their products without the big ticket expenses of owning and operating a store in SL. In an effort to help their dilemma and to display some terrific items to visitors of SL House & Garden Centre & group, I have created 5 display rooms. There are 3 large showrooms and 2 smaller rooms.

These display areas will be rotated through the designers in the group and changed every few weeks. This is a fantastic way for well-known and aspiring creators to generate interest in their designs, and for home and garden enthusiasts to access a variety of products in one place. 

If you are a creator (big or small) and you would like to use one of the showrooms for a period of time, please contact me in-world for a notecard explaining all about them.

If you an enthusiast, this is an opportunity to get to know some of the popular and lesser known designers within SL. The creators will also have an exclusive item available for purchase during their time at the SL House & Garden Centre.

Jennaa Loire.

SL House & Garden Styling/Photo Contest!


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SL House & Garden Styling/Photo Contest!
Rules and Information.

Hello and thank you for your interest in SL House & Garden's photo contest.

OK first up lets see what you can win...

20,000L in cash!

10,000L in cash!

3,000L in cash!

The three winning photos will be displayed on SL Home Lifestyle. 

This photo contest is very simple and you can enter as many photos as you wish. Each photo simply needs to feature a room, house or garden based on the theme "Go Crazy With Color". Your colorful imagination is your only limitation. That's it! Your items can be from anywhere, any theme, any style. Go crazy!! You can use photoshop if you wish or snapshots are accepted as well. 


1. For your photo to qualify in the contest, you must be a member of SL House & Garden inworld. 

Second Life furniture, garden, home and decor is a dynamic and ever growing industry that I am truly enthusiastic and passionate about. I have tried to keep up to date with product releases and all the incredible changes within this field, but I found myself juggling over 20 groups and quite simply, failing to succeed.

I was motivated to create a group named SL House & Garden. My ambition was for this group to be used as a resource tool for anyone who has a vested interest in this awesome industry. 

Bloggers and shoppers alike, can be informed about latest released, updates, sale notices and great gifts from our favourite Home, Decor and Garden designers in SL.

Shop owners, designers and creators can join the group to boost sales and to communicate your products and creations to the enthusiasts and GET NOTICED!

If I have raised an eyebrow, go to groups and search "SL House & Garden". I have mature content enabled in case any of the products have sex animations in them.

Feel free to IM me for any details or hit me up inworld for an invite.


Entries are open from the 22nd of June 2010 until the 22nd of July 2010. Winners will be announced on the 23rd of July 2010. 


-> I have created a flickr group for the contest so please just post your photos in there. Please in the description add your full name so if you win I know who I am dropping the money onto. Could you also please add the SL House & Garden into the description somewhere.

Here is a link to the flickr page - http://www.flickr.com/groups/slhousegardencontest/

If you have any more questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.


I will select the winners personally.



Thanks so much and really looking forward to seeing your amazing entry!
Jennaa Loire.

SL House & Garden Hunt!


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We'd like to invite you to take part in the first SL House & Garden hunt sponsored by the inworld group.  As furniture/decor/houses/gardens become more and more popular we feel it's time to have a hunt featuring top quality home and garden designers.  We'd really like for you to be a part of this fun project.  The following is some important information in regards to the hunt.

- Application deadline is July 14th
- Hunt will take place August 1st-7th 2010
- Hunt run through for signage July 21st
- Hunt final run through July 31st (please have your items out before 12am slt)

- Once your application is received you will be given display items and an invite to the inworld group.  (It is very important that you join as all communication to vendors/hunters will be through that group)
- Item must be home/garden related, does not have to be a new release
- A blog will be set up with information, if you would like your item featured on the blog before the hunt please pass a copy to Makenzie Irling.
- Please make your item hidden well enough to not be spotted at first glance but not so much that it can't be found.

- Makenzie Irling - IM/NC/makenzie.irling@gmail.com
- Trace Osterham - IM/NC/traceosterham@gmail.com