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Home & Decor On Fabulous Fashion With Angie Mornington


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I have some genuinely exciting news to share with you all...

I am thrilled to announce that I have been given the opportunity to showcase talented home/decor/garden creators on Fabulous Fashion on the 26th of July 2010. This is the first time ever that the genre of home fashion and decor has been showcased on the program and  I honestly could'nt be happier. It's about time this area of fashion was given this type of exposure! 

Fabulous Fashion with Angie Mornington on Treet TV

When: Monday, July 26th at 6pm SLT (PST)

Or you can watch it live here: Watch it live online: http://treet.tv/live

You can also check out the Fabulous Fashion Site: http://fabulousfashiontv.com/

****Designer Spotlight: Rob1977 Moonites of *FIR* & *MNA* ****

Finally, a show for the men!!  Irish Designer, Rob1977 Moonites, describes his line of menswear as  a bit of a mix of casual, preppy and semi-formal attire.  One thing is for sure, this is a store where men like to shop.  

In fact, not only do men love his clothes, so do the ladies, so much so, he soon found himself also designing for women!  BUT,  this weeks show is all about the man in your life.  

**** Fabulous Fashion Accessories Spotlight: Jennaa Loire****

Jennaa Loire is back and we couldn't be more excited.  This times she is speaking with us about fashions for your home.  

Jennaa is a blogger/writer with a passion.  She models and is MV♛  MISS AUSTRALIA 2011.  She is the creator behind SL House and Garden Group and you will not want to miss what she has pulled together for us this week.  Not 4 designers - 8!!!!

Make sure you don't miss it!

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