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Welcome To The SL House & Garden Centre


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I created this special location for group members and other guests as a place to come and relax, blog, build their creations, build sets and to generally be a helpful tool for bloggers.

There is a warm and inviting cafe where you are welcome to socialise with other enthusiasts or simply enjoy some 'down time'. A resource room which is the perfect spot to sit down and relax while you blog.  There is also ample space for you to build your sets either for your blogs or if you are constructing but run out of room.

Please treat this place as you would your home... please please be respectful of other visitors and clean up after yourself. I will clean the land every 48 hours just to make sure there is room for the next bunch of  visitors. There is over 1100 prims to play with and you can also edit terrain, but please try and put it back as best you can.  

You will need to wear your group tag to build, other than that, the land is open to everyone. So if you want to build you are going to have to join the group. There is a group joiner at the landing point.

(Cafe at the SL Home & Garden Centre)

(Builders and bloggers are more than welcome :)


Designers are often faced with the challenge of marketing their products without the big ticket expenses of owning and operating a store in SL. In an effort to help their dilemma and to display some terrific items to visitors of SL House & Garden Centre & group, I have created 5 display rooms. There are 3 large showrooms and 2 smaller rooms.

These display areas will be rotated through the designers in the group and changed every few weeks. This is a fantastic way for well-known and aspiring creators to generate interest in their designs, and for home and garden enthusiasts to access a variety of products in one place. 

If you are a creator (big or small) and you would like to use one of the showrooms for a period of time, please contact me in-world for a notecard explaining all about them.

If you an enthusiast, this is an opportunity to get to know some of the popular and lesser known designers within SL. The creators will also have an exclusive item available for purchase during their time at the SL House & Garden Centre.

Jennaa Loire.

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