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SL House & Garden Hunt!


Posted on : 3:01 AM | By : Jennaa Loire | In : , ,

We'd like to invite you to take part in the first SL House & Garden hunt sponsored by the inworld group.  As furniture/decor/houses/gardens become more and more popular we feel it's time to have a hunt featuring top quality home and garden designers.  We'd really like for you to be a part of this fun project.  The following is some important information in regards to the hunt.

- Application deadline is July 14th
- Hunt will take place August 1st-7th 2010
- Hunt run through for signage July 21st
- Hunt final run through July 31st (please have your items out before 12am slt)

- Once your application is received you will be given display items and an invite to the inworld group.  (It is very important that you join as all communication to vendors/hunters will be through that group)
- Item must be home/garden related, does not have to be a new release
- A blog will be set up with information, if you would like your item featured on the blog before the hunt please pass a copy to Makenzie Irling.
- Please make your item hidden well enough to not be spotted at first glance but not so much that it can't be found.

- Makenzie Irling - IM/NC/makenzie.irling@gmail.com
- Trace Osterham - IM/NC/traceosterham@gmail.com

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