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And The Award Goes To.......


Posted on : 5:18 PM | By : Jennaa Loire | In :

The SL House & Garden Group has grown way beyond my expectations and we have had a fantastic 6 months since I started it. So we thought it was about time to host an awards for the amazing creators, bloggers and photographers in the group. So we would like to honor the best in Second Life based upon the group members experiences and thoughts. 

I really would really like to thank everyone single person who voted, nominated and made this such fantastic event. We had over 400 votes on the Wufoo form... so thank you so so much! 

I would like to congratulate every single person who was nominated. I personally voted and I have to say I found it one of the hardest awards to vote on because I think every single creator, blogger and photographer is amazing for what they do.  You all put in so much effort and believe me it's greatly appreciated. 

Without further ado here are the winners... CONGRATULATIONS and your trophy will be heading your way shortly :)


•★• Favorite Store  •★•
  {What Next} - Winter Thorn 

•★• Best Freebie •★•
  Y's House ( yacchan Clip ) 

•★• Best Blogger•★•
  Jennaa Loire 

•★• Best Flickr - Nina Becker •★•
 ( http://www.flickr.com/photos/nina_becker/ ) 

•★• Best New Creator •★•
  LISP ( Pandora Popstar ) 

•★• Best Established Creator/Shop •★•
  The Loft ( Colleen Desmoulins ) 

•★• Best Magazine •★•
Second Style ( HeatherDawn Cohen 

•★• Best Texture Creator •★•
  Distressed Textures (Jewell Lamourfou) 

•★• Best Garden Items •★•
 Botanical ( Kriss Lehmann ) 

•★• Best Outdoor Furniture •★•
{What Next} - Winter Thorn 

•★• Favorite Shop to Visit •★•
 Nordari ( Jordan Giant ) 

•★• Most Recommended •★•
 {What Next} - Winter Thorn 

•★• Best House - Y's House •★•
 ( yacchan Clip ) 

•★• Best Natural/Organic Shop •★•
 Y's House ( yacchan Clip ) 

•★• Best Modern Home Shop •★•
 MudHoney ( Rayvn Hynes ) 

•★• Best Shabby Chic •★•
 La'licious Designs (  Amaliscious Destiny ) 

•★• Best Beach/Coastal Shop •★•
 {What Next}  - Winter Thorn 

•★• Best Place to Shop Accessories •★•
 LISP ( Pandora Popstar ) 

•★• Best Skybox •★•
 {What Next} - Winter Thorn

•★• Best Furniture Animation Creator •★•
Pulling Strings ( Elle Kirshner ) 

•★• Best Home & Garden Event/Hunt Of 2010 •★•
 Spruce Up Your Space ( Elle Kirshner, Rayvn Hynes and Amaliscious Destiny ) 


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